Thursday, June 25, 2009

Find out how to Cut Hair at Home - Awesome Hair cuts Vs Normal Hair cuts .

The secret lies within the experience of the hair designer, talent, and time spent. Of these variables, one separates the $10 haircut from the $300 haircut. You could be thinking it's the experience and talent of the hair designer. Learning how to cut hair at home will help you become quite as good as the pro's.

It is sensible that a salon that caters to the bulk of population's earnings level, would earn more cash charging a low price and rely on high volumes of traffic. This suggests the hair designer must work fast, and get as many clients in as fast possible. The hair designer has been trained to cut a particular way that maximizes the cutting time, and minimizes the time spent.

I have worked in such a place when I first started in the bizz. I have never seen any 2 folk with the exact hair texture, wave pattern, amount of hair, etc. , using the same cutting methodologies on everybody does not and can't result in an awesome haircut.After roughly a year of working in the franchise-quickie haircut salon, I knew the purchasers were less than thrilled with the haircuts.

I revealed that by brushing the hair and checking the way in which the hair was responding to each snip I made, I could take the normal hair cut into an awe-inspiring hair cut thru learning how to cut hair at home.

Cutting this way took longer of course, but the result was well worth the effort. I learned that even minute snips in the right places is the key to incredible hair cuts. It was not a matter of sticking to a specific cutting method; it absolutely was a matter of taking my time. At last this led me to work in a more exclusive hair salon, where I could take my time and charge more cash. I was surprised to find a good majority of my purchasers were willing to pay 3 to 4 times what they were paying to have me cut their hair in the new salon.

The best hair designers take their time. All these things sum up to a $10 haircut. I want to learn how to cut hair at home and for your family and relatives. As you can see from my experience, when you have the basic knowledge of hair cutting ( as my videos will teach you) you have what's required to create awesome hair cuts.

Apply the cutting methodologies with taking your time, and you and your folks will never need to go back to getting ordinary haircuts again.

Visit here - how to cut hair at home, and start styling you and your families hair!!.